Go vegan!

What I ate today :)

Breakfast: I was going to have toast with some peanut butter but the only bread we had in the house contained milk (I bought some other kind today) so instead I chopped up pieces of celery and spread peanut butter and sweet whole grain cheeros on them. It was soo good.. I also had a banana!

Lunch: I am allowing fish in my diet, just probably not a ton of it. I had a Tuna salad sandwhich today on whole wheat bread with lettuce, onion, and tomato and a pickle and apple on the side :)

Dinner: Veggie soup :) and I snacked on some mixed fruits. Lots of strawberries! and later I had some cereal (containing no milk) over soymilk, it was soo good! I think I might actually like soymilk better than cows milk.

I also take a lot of vitamin supplements, assureing that I get all my nutrition.

Monday Mar 3 @ 09:00pm

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